About Us

Blay Games is a mobile gaming studio and publisher composed of passionate and talented individuals. Founded in 2020, we have offices in both Istanbul and Izmir and a team of experienced founders with over a decade of expertise in the mobile game development industry.

At Blay Games, we take pride in creating exciting and innovative games that captivate our players. Our portfolio includes titles such as "OROBOROS," "Shishke Bob," "Kiss Cam," and "Arrow Slashers." With each game, we strive to deliver a unique and enjoyable experience to our users.

We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming and are currently working on developing a best-in-class multiplayer arcade football game, as well as a puzzle game featuring unprecedented mechanics.

We are committing ourselves to creativity, excellence and being unique in mobile gaming industry to bring our players the most engaging and immersive gaming experiences possible. Our aim is to reach hundreds of millions of people by developing casual and mid-core games that they enjoy.