We are Blay Games

We are a young, dynamic and fun focused team that came together in 2019. We love creating games that reflect the interesting and funny things that cross our minds. Whether it's something weird or just plain amusing, we aim to bring a little bit of fun to your day with every game we make. Let's catch-up in the games!

Fun ForFun's Sake

Chasing after fun in a playful yet disciplined way while our families think we are just playing all day.


The loop has been broken. Life as we know it is no more. Darkness veiled everything. Oroboros, noble guards of the loop, scattered through the universe... But maybe there is still hope to be whole again... Now it’s time to take control of your fate. Pick an Oroboro and dive into this unique and mysterious adventure.

Shishke Bob

Embark on a journey through levels filled with a diverse array of obstacles, power-ups, and challenges from all corners of the universe. Experience the thrills of victory and the agony of defeat, all while discovering the true meaning of shish kebab. Are you ready to take on the adventure?

Arrow Slashers

Imagine facing a barrage of arrows from all directions. Sounds daunting, right? But fear not! With your trusty sword, lots of power-ups, and lightning fast reflexes, you will be a force to be reckoned with. So bring on the arrows! We are ready for anything!

Kiss Cam

Yes, watching your favorite team's match is always exciting. But with couples kissing, levels to beat, and power-ups to use entertainment is guaranteed!

Luno Math

Math, competition, puzzles. All the Nerdic things you're looking for in one package! And Luno's cuteness is just the cherry on top.

Blay Way

We believe in the potential of games and approach this exciting medium with the motto of 'create what you want to play'.

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